New photo album featuring bats, bats, and more bats

We have a new photo album from our recent visit to Bracken Cave.

New photo albums

We have three new photo albums from our recent trips:

2015 Iron Butt Rally starting

It is usually quite entertaining and interesting to read the daily reports from this biennial long-distance motorcycle riding competition.

New photo album featuring birds, birds, and more birds

We have a new photo album from our recent birding trip to Galveston Island.

New photo gallery software

For many years we used the Menalto Gallery software for our online photo galleries. Following the declared end of development for that software last year, I evaluated several alternatives (particularly Piwigo, ZenPhoto, and Coppermine) and eventually settled on Piwigo as a replacement. Many things are better, some things are not as good, but overall I think it’s an improvement.

Unfortunately all the URLs have changed, so any links we may have shared with you will be invalid after I shut down the old gallery.

The new gallery is available at: