Green Hills Arts is on the web

We have a new business venture: designing, crafting, and selling fused glass and beaded jewelry and other items. Kay is the artist in this house; nearly all of the items for sale were created by her. I dabble in the fused glass but have been mostly focused on the business aspects – accounting, tax issues, pricing, and the web site – with a side interest in tools and techniques. When Kay is creating fused glass designs, I’m the one wanting to reprogram the kiln to see what changes. When we prepare graphics for laser etching onto dichroic glass, she’s the one doing drawings and selecting photographs, and I’m the one scanning and editing the graphics files. It’s been very interesting and we’ve both learned a lot.

A sampling of the items are on the web site, at

Here is a photo of our first show, at the Founders Day Festival in Dripping Springs, Texas.

Green Hills Arts at Founders Day

Now that the web site is up and we have the business aspects under control, I plan to divide my time between this venture and my engineering projects.