Baby goats at Pure Luck

Today we went to an open house at the Pure Luck farm and dairy. You can read about their organic farm and goat cheeses at their web site. I just wanted to post some pictures of their cute baby goats, who will try to nurse from your fingers if they are hungry.

Baby goat

Baby goat

Baby goat

The latest home improvement project – HVAC

Our furnace and air conditioner, having lasted 25 years, are being replaced by new, high-efficiency models. Ordinarily, this wouldn’t be much of a project, but the only access to the crawl space containing the furnace and air conditioner is a tiny door, one foot wide and three feet tall. The furnace must have been installed first, and then the interior walls were built around it.

I opened up a wall to give the service people a reasonable chance of replacing the system. (That room was next to be remodeled anyway.) They removed the old system this week, and I scheduled the installation of the new system for next week to give us time to re-insulate the space.

In the meantime, we are enjoying the mild weather sans heating or air conditioning.

New access for HVAC system

Moved to WordPress

The old “What’s New” page has been replaced by this WordPress page. It is easier to manage and more scalable than the HTML page it replaces. I’ve been using WordPress for my research page and have found it fairly straightforward to edit the themes and plugins to make it do what I want.