New photo albums and videos

New photo albums since the last update, most of which were created by Kay:

And, two years later, I finally finished processing the video we recorded from our Alaska trip, as well as some crazy foster kittens, and a cactus wren from a Tucson trip. Kay did most, if not all, of the actual video editing, and then they languished on my computer while I intermittently worked to take the movies from the horribly flawed Windows Movie Maker, edit the audio, and convert the movies into more usable formats.

Working with video is a lot more complicated than I think it needs to be, but now that I have a flow that works, I’m looking forward to posting more videos from our backlog.

New photo album

I’ve added a new photo album for pictures related to Green Hills Arts. This will be a place for pictures that don’t necessarily fit into the online store.

Dichro glass color test

Also, we will be selling at the Georgetown 4th of July festival this Friday, and at the Austin Batfest on August 30th and 31st.