More HVAC pictures

I’ve posted more pictures of the project in our gallery.

This one is my favorite:

New flex ducts


My motorcycle started blowing fuses around Thanksgiving of last year. Most of the wires live underneath the gas tank, so I ended up removing the faring (windscreen) and gas tank to troubleshoot this problem. Of course, having the gas tank off makes it easier to change the air filter… and having the air box removed makes it possible to replace the 15 year old fuel lines… and while the faring is off, I might as well repack the steering head bearings, and so on. It didn’t take too long before the bike looked like this:

Disassembled motorcycle

It sat like that for a long time, sometimes waiting for parts to arrive from Germany, but mostly waiting for me to make time to reassemble it. This past weekend I finally found the pinched wire that was blowing fuses, and put everything back together:

Reassembled motorcycle

I was really worried that after six months I wouldn’t remember where all the pieces went. I won’t jinx it by saying I didn’t forget anything, but I rode about 20 miles to lunch today and it seemed to work. Phew!